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Low Carb Cocktails

0 Comments 11 July 2012

Low Carb Cocktails

This week I have a short, sweet, alcoholic post to share with you–the recipe for my favorite Summer cocktail!

It’s yummy, pretty, and lower carb. And the natural cranberry may even permit it to be classified as “healthy” (for a cocktail!).

Tequila and Cranberry (or if you’re daring, and using Hornitos Tequila, you may want to call it a “Horni Cranberry”)

  • Packets of Stevia in the Raw
  • Water
  • Silver Tequila (my favs are Sauza, Hornitos or Patron)
  • Natural Cranberry Concentrate (I use Tree of Life, it’s found in the juice aisle–not frozen–it’s usually around $11 but it goes a long way)

I start off by filling my glass with ice and pouring in one shot of silver tequila over the ice.

I then mix up some natural, lower carb cranberry juice. In a separate container I mix together six shots of water, one shot of cranberry concentrate and two packets of stevia. After mixing this together, I add it to the tequila and ice to taste. Feel free to add more water to the cranberry juice if needed, and you probably do not want to add all the cranberry juice to the tequila, I usually go with two and a half or three shots of the cranberry juice mix to one shot of tequila.

Enjoy! And please drink responsibly.

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