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Almond Butter Protein Bars

0 Comments 31 October 2012

Almond Butter Protein Bars

I used to love having protein bars to grab for breakfast in the morning. Kept things simple and healthy. But there are few–if any–bars out there that are gluten-free, dairy-free, lower carb and free of sugar alcohols. So, recently I decided to try making my own, and now we’re hooked!

Now, I’ll warn you, they’re not PACKED w/ protein. But the almonds, almond butter, flax and coconut do give it enough to make you feel full and energized! I’ve tried adding some of Taylor’s egg white protein powder to some bars for him, but he prefers them w/o it, so I’ve nixed that idea.

When I first began making these, I was dipping them completely in chocolate, but it was a bit strong, so sometimes now I just drizzle a bit on there, or leave it off entirely. It’s up to you!

Preheat the oven to 350.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of blanched slivered almonds (I buy Planters b/c it’s only processed w/ nuts, not wheat)
  • 1 cup of unsulphured coconut flakes or shreds
  • 1/4 tea celtic salt
  • 1 tea baking soda (aluminum and gluten-free)

Start w/ these dry ingredients, you’ll need to grind them down in a coffee grinder. It may take a few batches of grinding. Grind all and set aside.

Now for the wet ingredients:

  • 2 TB flax meal
  • 6 TB water (warmed)
  • 1 TB coconut oil
  • 1/2 TB unsulphured molasses
  • 1-1 1/2 TB Barney Butter depending on how almond buttery you want it (I prefer the chunky, but you can also try other almond butters)
  • 3 packets of Stevia in the Raw or 1 tea honey

Warm the water, then mix gently in a bowl w/ the flax seed. After a couple of minutes so that it can gel together, stir in the coconut oil and molasses. Next add in all dry ingredients and stir well. Then add in your Barney Butter, and finally the stevia or honey to taste (you could leave them out entirely, but it won’t be very sweet if you do, I would just add a bit at a time and taste it until it meets your liking).

Scoop into a square cupcake-like pan or a regular cupcake pan and bake 17-18 minutes. If the pan has a nonstick type of coating, you won’t need to grease it or use liners. Cool bars in the freezer for a few minutes, then store in a zip lock or air tight container in the fridge.

When I want to do a chocolate coating, here’s what I do. I take a bar of as dark of baking chocolate as I can get, like Scharffen Berger and melt it down in a double boiler, but just a square or two at a time depending on the size of your glass bowl. Then I add in stevia, celtic salt and Barney Butter to taste. Then drizzle over the cooled bars and set in the freezer to harden. Store bars in the refrigerator. Here’s another recipe if you prefer intense, lower carb chocolate.

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