Recipe: Crispy Fried Fish

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Recipe: Crispy Fried Fish

While I’ve been cooking for what now feels like ages, I have very little experience cooking fish. Tuna I’m fine with, as I can sear or marinate it in a ponzu sauce, but I’ve always been afraid that I would over or under cook white fish. Well, tonight was my first try at frying up a white fish, and it was actually a huge success! I was going for a cornmeal encrusted coating, but didn’t want to spend money on the corn meal and flour that a recipe I found on called for, so instead I ground up some gluten-free corn flakes, and it was (thankfully!) one of the best dinners Taylor and I have had in a while!

Here what you’ll need:

  • Your white fish of choice (for the two of us 1 lb. was more than enough, cut into 1 inch wide strips)
  • Gluten-free corn flakes cereal (we used about 1 cup of Nature’s Path)
  • Salt and pepper
  • One egg
  • Your oil of choice (we used coconut which really enhanced the flavor)

I started by pouring enough coconut oil into a Dutch oven to coat the bottom, about 1/4 inch high (you may have to microwave the oil for a few seconds to get it to a liquid if it’s cool out). Next I used food scissors to cut up my strips. Then I beat the egg with about 1 TB of water and poured the egg wash into a plate with high sides. Then I ground up the cereal (1/2 cup at a time) in a coffee grinder, but if you don’t have that, just put all of it into a strong ziplock bag and mash with a mallet or heavy, flat object. Sprinkle the cereal into another plate and add a decent amount of salt and pepper.

Heat the oil to medium or just over medium heat, then dredge each piece of fish in the corn flakes, egg wash, then corn flakes again and set aside for frying. By the time you’re done with your fish the oil should be hot, carefully place your fish into the oil, you may want to use tongs or a fork for this. It took me two rounds of frying for 1 lb. After three minutes flip the fish, then after three more, remove the fish with another pair of tongs or fork and place on a brown paper bag (use the side with no ink, or cut the bag open to use the interior.) And enjoy!


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