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How Joy Bauer Food-Cured Me

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How Joy Bauer Food-Cured Me

Like most people, I’ve seen Joy Bauer on the Today Show offering up well-rounded doses of nutritional expertise, but I probably would not have guessed that the impact her book Joy Bauer’s Food Cures would have on my life would be so profound. I’ll get more in-depth about Food Cures in a moment, but first I have to tell you why I am literally freaking out about this book.

When I received my copy, I was at first intimated by the size, it’s a tall/wide book, but it’s also 516 pages long! This did seem a bit scary, but I quickly realized that it’s not a book that you necessarily read cover to cover. Instead it’s kind of like a great encyclopedia of nutritional solutions to common health problems. So I quickly flipped to the chapter on celiac disease. Right away I was impressed by Joy’s level of expertise in the realm of gluten-free, and by her inclusive lists of food to avoid that may contain gluten.

What really blew me away, however, was a little tidbit six pages in entitled “Don’t cheat, part 2.” Joy writes:

“If you ever eat in a restaurant or at a friend’s house, or if you cook with any jarred, canned, or packaged foods not labeled “gluten-free,” you will inevitably ingest some gluten from time to time. . . I call this unintentional cheating . . . Just don’t expose your intestines to more toxic gluten by consciously cheating.”

At the time of my gluten intolerance diagnosis I had been avoiding gluten for months, and was in great health as a result, so I never saw a gastroenterologist. I knew that the “cure” for gluten intolerance and celiac was the same–a gluten-free diet. Plus, I was already feeling better than I had in years, and I definitely couldn’t afford to meet the deductibles on my health insurance, so I figured I knew all I needed to. But fast forward about five years, and my health is not quite so good as it was when I first went gluten-free. I do have an appointment to see a doctor here in a few weeks, but when you feel bad, you want to feel better as soon as possible. And reading Joy’s bit about “unintentional cheating,” really woke me up in a sense.

Years ago I was so diligent about buying only packaged foods that were labeled “gluten-free.” But after five years of being gluten-free, I know that if I eat out and get “glutened” the horrible stomach pains which last all night will arise by the time we’re asking for the check. So I figured that if the canned peas we were buying or canned chilli beans contained gluten that I would know. But what if the amounts were minute enough that no symptoms seemed to present themselves, however, those tiny amounts have still been wreaking havoc on my body.

I would NEVER intentionally eat gluten, but perhaps in an effort to save a little money by buying brands that don’t label regarding or test for gluten, I have been unintentionally cheating. After reading Food Cures a week ago I’ve quickly gotten “back on the horse” by making sure that all packaged foods I buy are labeled “gluten-free.” And¬† you know what, I have seen some improvement in my health as a result.

Joy Bauer’s coverage of celiac disease is very inclusive. Not only does she shed light on foods that we may not realize could contain gluten, but she also provides several healthy, nutritionally-balanced recipes for a gluten-free diet. I also started thumbing through other sections of the book and found yet another topic that for me hit close to home entitled “Healthy Hair.”

After noticing that my hair seemed to lose some of its thickness this Summer, I’ve been working with my nutritionist to “right the ship.” I was also experiencing a range of other symptoms from emotional imbalance, to severe dips in my energy. So my nutritionist and I went through my diet to revamp it and include more protein, less sugar, and several supplements. All of which Joy covers in Food Cures, describing potential causes of thinning hair including a hormonal imbalance, protein deficiency and thyroid imbalance. I absolutely love reading more about these imbalances that my body is suffering from and learning more about how to cure them. I think that everyone could really benefit from owning a copy of Joy Bauer’s Food Cures, as it really can help you to spot deficiencies in your diet and learn how to correct them naturally with food.
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