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Gluten and Hair Loss

2 Comments 04 January 2011

Gluten and Hair Loss

One all-too-popular gluten-free question remains: how and why does gluten relate to hair loss.

As far too many of us who are sensitive or intolerant to gluten have experienced, gluten can cause a range of unpleasant reaction in our bodies, and especially for women who are not “supposed” to experience it, hair loss can be devastating. And even after going gluten-free, why is your hair still not coming back?

Years ago I noticed my hair shedding at an unusual rate, and was told that hormonal imbalance had caused the problem. But over the years, experts in the field of gluten-sensitivity and natural medicine have taught me a lot about how gluten can pertain to hair loss and why simply going gluten-free doesn’t always fix the problem (even after months of being gluten-free).

Something that I took for granted was that my body needed supplementation to “heal” after years of gluten’s damaging effects. And in the case of hair loss, it is often the adrenal and hormonal systems that need caring for.

You see, hair loss is often associated with hormonal imbalances. And as gluten sensitivity expert Dr. Vikki Petersen mentions in her book The Gluten Effect, gluten can put great strain on the adrenal glands, which are responsible for regulating the hormones. So even though you and your hair care are gluten-free, your body may be in need of repair.

Today my hair is no longer thinning, and I’ve chosen to work with a dietician and LAc who his helping me through acupuncture sessions and dietary counseling to heal my body. For me this involves taking supplements to help me more easily digest the foods I eat, and a source of probiotics (in my case Kombucha) to help repair my body. Consulting a naturopath, dietician or other expert in the field of gluten sensitivity can help determine a regimen of enzymes, probiotics or supplements to help get your systems back on track, and your hair growing as it should.

Kristen Campbell - who has written 87 posts on Gluten Free Fox.

When Kristen and Taylor created The Gluten-Free Search Engine years ago, they never dreamed that just a few years later they would be sharing their lives with a beautiful, gluten-allergic dog named Waylon. Not too long after adopting their new "dog child," they headed closer to home and found themselves in the mountains of North Carolina. It was here that Kristen realized her lifelong dream of creating healthier, gluten-free beauty products and launched Gluten Free Beauty. Having shared her finds for the safest and best natural, g/f beauty products via her first-ever website,, she is thrilled now to be putting out products that she can enjoy and that she knows are safer than alternatives!

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  1. Keri says:

    I am about to order from gluten free beauty and found this under your About section. Can you tell me what enzyme you are using? I am in my early 30s and have an autoimmune disease. I have finally gotten some answers about my health issues and a gluten sensitivity is one of them. I too was losing hair (although very thick and now that I avoid gluten except for treats now and then, it is has stopped). The pain from my autoimmune is also controlled with diet very low in gluten, dairy and refined sugar. I also have adrenal issues and just now connected it could be from the gluten in my beauty products (since I’ve cut it out of my daily diet but still have the adrenal issues). thanks for your help with any info you can provide! Keri

    • Hi Keri!

      I have used different products as different times. For a while I was using Enzymedica’s GlutenEase and then their DigestGold Plus Probiotics. But I have since been working with an acupuncturist who has me taking specific enzymes and acids, but I honestly am not sure that they are safe if not used under the advisement of a health care practitioner. If you can find a licensed dietitian, chiropractor or acupuncturist who specializes in gluten sensitivity and intolerance I would highly recommend it. I also recently read an article about probiotics in Living Without magazine that cites certain strains of probiotics that can be beneficial to helping to heal the system. I personally drink Kombucha and sometimes take Dr. Oshadi’s probiotics. But again, I’m no doctor, so I’d really recommend that you find a health care practitioner to help get your body in balance.

      Thanks so much!

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