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Gluten-Free Tissues?

4 Comments 13 January 2011

Gluten-Free Tissues?

With winter storms in no short supply this season, you may, like me, be toting a box of tissues with you from room to room in your house.  And with lots of nose blowing, comes lots of irritated, flaky, dry skin.

But for us gluten-free folks, you really can never be too careful, so I did a little research to verify that nose-soothing, lotion-coated tissues are in fact gluten-free.

The reason for my concern was the advertised “Vitamin E” added for skin-softening. As you may know, Vitamin E oil is one of those borderline ingredients. It rarely actually contains gluten, but there is some small chance. You see one very rich source of Vitamin E is wheat germ oil. And while wheat germ oil is often considered gluten-free, there are no guarantees, so it is not always considered a safe ingredient for us.

Well, I did contact Kleenex Brand’s parent company Kimberly-Clark who assured me that no gluten (and also no soy) is used in Kleenex’s Lotion Tissues. So from that perspective they are considered safe.

But as I perused the ingredient list and did a bit of further investigation into what is in these lotion tissues, the key points in my discovery were as follows:

  • They are gluten-free.
  • According to even EWG’s super conservative SkinDeep Database they had a desirable safety score of a 2.
  • The main ingredient is petroleum derived mineral oil, which according to EWG sources has been linked to cancer and is a respiratory toxicant.

Ultimately, even though the risk may be low, I would imagine that stuffing a tissue doused in a respiratory toxicant up my nose would seem counterproductive. So I’m sticking with the un-coated variety, and will simply be lathering up with more gentle, natural lotions.

Kristen Campbell - who has written 85 posts on Gluten Free Fox.

When Kristen and Taylor created The Gluten-Free Search Engine years ago, they never dreamed that just a few years later they would be sharing their lives with a beautiful, gluten-allergic dog named Waylon. Not too long after adopting their new "dog child," they headed closer to home and found themselves in the mountains of North Carolina. It was here that Kristen realized her lifelong dream of creating healthier, gluten-free beauty products and launched Gluten Free Beauty. Having shared her finds for the safest and best natural, g/f beauty products via her first-ever website,, she is thrilled now to be putting out products that she can enjoy and that she knows are safer than alternatives!

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  1. Carrie says:

    Love your posts and site. Very informative, I wish I had discovered this site ages ago. I have a Gluten-Intolerance and didn’t realize that gluten can be found in cosmetics as well. Make-up is getting dumped in the trash, ASAP!
    Thanks for saving me from injesting more toxins!

  2. Shelly says:

    I once saw on television on how safe tissues were and they said you are better off using toilet paper because the tissues were design to put a lot of paper dust out to keep you using them. They showed a demonstration and it was shocking. That can’t be healthy for our lungs!

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