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Best GF Resources Ever

0 Comments 15 September 2010

Best GF Resources Ever

In case you missed it, September 13th was was National Celiac Awareness Day! And in honor of the occasion, restaurant chain PF Chang’s not only released two of their amazing gluten-free recipes to the public, but also launched the latest addition to their in-house gluten-free menu–the Triple Chocolate Mousse Mini!

And if that doesn’t hit the spot, don’t worry! Enjoy Life Foods–one of the most allergy friendly food manufacturers in the marketplace has plenty of delectable do-it-yourself gluten-free recipes of their own to share. While my favorite are the Halloween Hobgoblins, I’m still working my way down the page!

Also, don’t forget to check your lipsticks for gluten! There is no doubt that gluten applied to the lips is ingested, and I know from personal experience, and from the hundreds of e-mails that I receive, that gluten applied to the skin can and does cause topical symptoms in some who are gluten intolerant. So don’t forget to print out the Gluten Free Beauty ingredient guide.

But whatever your reason for going gluten-free, be sure to stay informed about the latest medical findings by “gluten doctors” Vikki and Rick Petersen, authors of The Gluten Effect. Out of all of the wonderful gluten-related books in my library, this is one that best explains many of the symptoms that can result indirectly from gluten intolerance and how to address them. The Drs. Petersen are also hosting their Second Annual Gluten Sensitivty and Celiac Forum on October 16th and will also feature renowned gluten sensitivty experts Dr. Tom O’Bryan D.C., C.C.N., Dr. Rodney Ford M.B. B.S. M.D. F.R.A.C.P., A.S.M., and Cynthia Kupper, R.D.

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