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Gluten-Free King Cake

14 Comments 12 February 2009

Gluten-Free King Cake

Born and raised in New Orleans, I can hardly ignore the fact that down in my hometown, it’s carnival time! My mom still sweetly offers to mail us king cakes every year, but after foolishly “cheating” last year just before my final diagnosis, this will be my very first gluten-free Mardi Gras.

For weeks I have been searching the internet for gluten-free king cakes being sold, salivating over images of purple, green and gold sugar and iced images of the traditional cakes, but I have yet to find a bakery promoting their gluten-free variety available for purchase. And a search for “gluten-free king cake recipes” has left us just as empty handed. Is this famed, seasonal cake an unconvertible treat? Are we who lead our lives without gluten also subject to life without king cake?

Here is what we came up with along the way on our search for gluten-free king cake:

  • McKenzie’s Rules: McKenzie’s bakery may have closed down early this decade due to inherited debts and difficulty meeting health code standards, but we stubborn New Orleanians still agree: no king cakes compare to those baked by McKenzie’s. Fortunately, for the gluten-eating community, Tastee Donuts still sells the famed king cakes, but for the rest of us, at least we have the recipes! We found this chowhound.com conversation in which the recipe was listed about 2/3 of the way down the page for the traditional cake, while Uncle Phaedrus (finder of lost recipes) produced this cream cheese filled McKenzies’s king cake recipe.
  • Some Recipes May Not Convert: After hours of mixing, kneading, allowing the dough to rise and eventual baking, we wound up with an un risen, rock-solid king cake with the consistency of baked playdough. Unfortunately, we suspect that one of our packets of yeast had gone bad. We tried this recipe listed on chowhound.com and used Whole Foods’ All Purpose Gluten-Free Flour Mix. We blame the yeast, but perhaps we would have had better luck with a gluten-free bread baking flour?
  • Leave it to the Bakeries and Bloggers: We may not have had any luck with our version of a gluten-free king cake this year, but we’re already planning to start contacting some of our favorite gluten-free bakeries in a few months to see if by next year’s Mardi Gras season they can’t come up with the answer to our gluten-free carnival wishes! Or perhaps some of the amazing gluten-free blogging bakers can suggest their own gluten-free king cake recipes!

Happy Mardi Gras to all those New Orleanians out there, and laissez les bon temps roulez!

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Kristen Campbell and her "wonder dog" Waylon are both severely intolerant to gluten. Celiac? Perhaps. But they've never had the endoscopy to tell (human or dog--does that exist?). Fortunately, they found each other! When Kristen isn't busy at work, she loves mixing up natural, gluten-free beauty products under her self titled line, spending time with her favorite "wonder dog" and catching up with friends.

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  1. Dianna says:

    I have looked for years but just found a gluten free bakery in Baton Rouge that will ship king cakes. I have recently ordered but have not recievd mine yet…can’t wait. Their website is trulyfreebakery.com

  2. Jennifer Loew says:

    Has anyone found a bakery that makes gluten free king cakes! Thanks for any info you can forward.

  3. Chrstianne Madona says:

    Greetings from the big easy. I don’t know why my typing is coming out white so I cannot see any typos.
    There is a new bakery in Lakeview that supposedly bakes gluten free, I will check it oug as I live down the block but cannot remember the name.
    have you tried to find a recipe for gluten free brioche? That is the type of “dough” that is used and you just may find it if you do a search. Good Luck and Who Dat!

  4. Chrstianne Madona says:

    The name of the bakery in Lakeview is called Sweet Life
    nolasweetlife.com.Phone is 504-371-5153.
    A friend who’s husband is a celebrity chef used this bakery for a birthday cake for the first time this year. Cake was different, heavier and moist but delicious!
    I do not know if they have Gluten Free on hand but i hear they do make gluten free treats.

  5. Danielle PAciera says:

    I had the king cake from BR- I paid the cost of the cake and then the shipping. It was nice to have GF king Cake but certainly not at all like the real deal other than sweet cinamon flavors. I don’t think I’ll pay for it again.
    Check thsi out

  6. Maro Dimmer says:

    We have a really good gluten free king cake with cinnamon filling or cream cheese filling. We have been trying to perfect a sweet dough recipe that rolls for a couple of years now and here it is this year. We are very proud of our GF king cake. It is available for shipping.

    • Tricia Quiroz says:

      Marco, Could you leave the info on how to order the GF king cake? Thankyou!

    • Heather says:

      Tell us where you are.

      I live in Baton Rouge and I make gluten free king cakes each year. I use the Gluten Free Pantry flour in my old king cake recipe from our pre-diagnosis days. They don’t have a great shelf life but they are supremely delicious and quite traditional. I always make blackberry cream cheese, but you can fill it as you wish.

    • melanie says:

      Maro – Do you have glutne free King Cakes avaialble to ship to Los Angeles?

  7. Louise Safron says:

    I am having a dinner party soon and one of my guests has celiac disease. Does anyone kn ow if I can buy already made gluten free bread in Southwestern Michigan? Kalamazoo specifically

  8. Cchrstianne Madona says:

    I follow Amy Green’s Simply Sugar and Gluten Free. She posted a brioche recipe on her blog (not her own). I do not have a stand mixer but would like to try this. My mom is from france and will enjoy the brioche even if it is not covered with sticky sugary goo. Mee too for that matter!

  9. Josh Chiasson says:

    I don’t really like promoting myself on other people’s blogs, but as a celiac myself, I’m putting it out there. Recently I have started up a gluten free baking service out of Who Dat Coffee Cafe in the Marigny, including King Cakes. I know the post is older, but in case anyone needs one. On a second note, in case Christianne sees this… Hi! This is Josh from DHS! Funny to run into someone I know on a blog years later. :)

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