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Trying to Protect Our Pets from Allergen-Contaminated Foods

Every time I hear that someone's pet is on a gluten-free food, either for their allergic pet's sake, or their own sensitivities, I grow immediately skeptical and inquire about which food the pet is on.

Unfortunately, there are now only two pet food brands whose allergen alert labeling I trust. Only these two foods tested negative for gluten: Primal Pet Foods and Newman's Own (Grain Free Formulas). And allergy-free dog treats, the only company I trust for Waylon's treats is Biscuits by Lambchop.

Each of the brands that tested positive for gluten comes from a highly reputable company, which was exactly why I sought out and purchased those particular foods. Today I e-mailed these companies in hopes of heightened safety standards, in hopes that in the future "gluten free" will mean just that and contamination risks will be minimal.

Here are the companies that I have contacted about testing positive for gluten, I will be keeping you updated on the actions that do or do not choose to take:

Here is a copy of my e-mail, urging them to help us protect our pets from hidden allergens:

Dear Customer Relations,

After adopting our sweet dog Waylon, we spent several months working on getting him healthy and uncovering his food allergies to both beef and gluten.  He does, however, have very different reactions to each of these allergens, which now makes it easier to discover when his food has been contaminated.

In those early months, I was also looking for a food for Waylon that was gluten-free so that I would not contaminate myself via handling or pup-kisses, as I am severely gluten intolerant. 

I was thrilled to see the growing number of gluten-free foods on the market for dogs, but as Waylon’s health continued to suffer and my old gluten symptoms began to creep up, I decided to test these foods using ELISA Tek’s EZ Gluten Test Kit.  

I’m writing to you because one of your gluten-free dog foods was tested twice using ELISA’s kit and came out positive for moderate to high levels of gluten.

I appreciate your efforts to cater to the needs of pets with food allergies, but the contamination of your product can actually make it drastically more difficult to decipher these allergies.  Comparing ingredients carefully and noting a pet’s reaction can be a key part of the process, but when one of the ingredients (gluten from wheat, barley or rye) is not even listed on the package—and is in fact stated to not be in the product, our pets can continue to suffer.

I am writing to ask that you increase your safety standards and adopt the testing methods of respected gluten-free companies (for humans) like Bob’s Red Mill and Enjoy Life Foods who use the ELISA Tek resources to guarantee that all precautions are taken to ensure that the “gluten free” label is a valid one.

Your food was one that I tested because of your company’s great reputation and high quality ingredients.  But I implore you to please take action to make your “gluten free” products what they should be—truly free of gluten from wheat, barely and rye.

I look forward to hearing from you in follow-up to this matter.


Kristen Campbell


If you suspect that your pet is food sensitive, please consult your vet for the best plan of action.

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Posted 8/18/09 by Kristen Campbell, co-founder of (learn more about Kristen Campbell)





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