Gluten Free Diet

What Really is a Gluten Free Diet?

I consider gluten sensitivity to be a critical factor to rule in or out when someone is trying to improve their health.  A person could be trying their best to live a “clean” life but if they were gluten sensitive and didn’t know it, all that hard work would be for naught.

If you do find out that you’re gluten sensitive it’s a big lifestyle change. I wanted to clear up some of the most common confusions I run into with patients and errors I see on various websites and blogs.

In the past few weeks I’ve found gum, cough drops and truffles as the culprit in problems patients were having from which they couldn’t find the source.

And don’t forget to use the internet. I’ve found companies to be extremely accommodating in answering questions about their product’s ingredients.

Awareness is improving. Just be patient, read all the labels and don’t be shy about communicating what you need.  You’ll feel great and your health will improve dramatically.

Posted 3/24/09 by Dr. Vikki Petersen founder of HealthNow Medical Center in Sunnyvale, California and Author of The Gluten Effect (learn more about Dr. Petersen)




Gluten-Free Cosmetics and Skin Care


Gluten-Free Cosmetics and Skin Care



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