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Is Gluten Causing Your Acne?

0 Comments 09 September 2010

Is Gluten Causing Your Acne?

The most commonly recognized symptoms of gluten intolerance are localized to the digestive system. But did you know that undesirable skin conditions also commonly affect those of us who are gluten sensitive.

Acne caused by gluten ingested or applied topically to the skin can be quite devastating to anyone suffering from it. Often appearing suddenly, it can be hard to accept and difficult to connect to gluten. I know–after making it through my teens with relatively flawless skin, then being hit by painful acne breakouts on my back and chest in my mid twenties, I tried everything suggested to me to battle my breakouts.

But it was not until years later, after a food allergy elimination diet and both genetic and stool testing that I found out I was severely intolerant to gluten and decided that going gluten-free topically might also benefit my skin. Thankfully, it did!

I do still suffer from the occasional zit–especially when I do an event and use hair care products that are not very natural. But essentially, my skin’s radiance and clarity are back!

Years ago when I searched for information about topical gluten, all I could find was doctors stating that the gluten molecule is too big to be absorbed. But today you will find a surprising lot of people who have suffered from acne associated with gluten, and who have also realized the benefits of gluten-free skin care (and hair care, as shampoo and conditioner washes right down the body!).

According to Dr. Vikki Petersen:

There are those people who have what’s called an IgE response to gluten, meaning even a topical application is going to bother them. . . There are others who don’t have that topical problem who use a lotion and get their common gluten response as if they ate gluten, so they didn’t eat it, but they put it on their skin, and their body reacted the same way.  So even though science is telling us that that molecule is too big, people are having reactions . . . I think it’s wise to err on the side of conservatism.  It’s especially important with certain cosmetics that you unwittingly ingest.

So if you’ve been considering trying out a gluten-free diet to aide various health conditions and skin problems like acne breakouts are among your complaints, try also using gluten-free beauty products, it may make a world of difference!

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Kristen Campbell and her "wonder dog" Waylon are both severely intolerant to gluten. Celiac? Perhaps. But they've never had the endoscopy to tell (human or dog--does that exist?). Fortunately, they found each other! When Kristen isn't busy at work, she loves mixing up natural, gluten-free beauty products under her self titled line, spending time with her favorite "wonder dog" and catching up with friends.

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