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We Test Science Diet z/d

0 Comments 23 August 2010

We Test Science Diet z/d

For the past year and a half I’ve been testing out “gluten-free” dog foods using ELISA Tek’s EZ Gluten Test Kits. Sadly, most of the foods I’ve looked into actually did contain gluten. Some were a bit confused in their labeling, calling a food “gluten free” but listing culprits like pearled barley or oatmeal (not specified as gluten-free), while others were down right wrong about what was in their foods that wasn’t intended to be.

Here are some of the foods that tested positive for gluten:

  • Wellness’s CORE
  • Orijen’s Six Fish
  • Flint River Ranch’s Lamb Millet and Rice

And here are the only foods that thus far I can confirm tested negative for gluten, and are thus the only gluten-free dog foods I currently trust:

  • Newman’s Own Grain Free Wet Formulas
  • Sojos’ Complete Dehydrated Food
  • Primal Pet Foods’ Raw Foods
  • And now Science Diet’s z/d Ultra Low Allergen, which we tested in the video above. It’s by far the most economical and easiest for travel.

And if it’s treats you’re after, be very cautious. We’ve found that even treats like pigs ears and chicken jerkey often contain undisclosed gluten. Biscuits By Lambchops have tested gluten-free and are the only ones we recommend.

Please watch our video for the results.

**Update:  After having Waylon on the Science Diet z/d for two months, his health was rapidly declining. His skin was dry and flaky, his arthritis came out of hiding and his general health was not optimal.  So while this food was less expensive, we’re sticking to a diet of Sojos Complete and Biscuits by Lambchop treats.

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When Kristen and Taylor created The Gluten-Free Search Engine years ago, they never dreamed that just a few years later they would be sharing their lives with a beautiful, gluten-allergic dog named Waylon. Not too long after adopting their new "dog child," they headed closer to home and found themselves in the mountains of North Carolina. It was here that Kristen realized her lifelong dream of creating healthier, gluten-free beauty products and launched Gluten Free Beauty. Having shared her finds for the safest and best natural, g/f beauty products via her first-ever website,, she is thrilled now to be putting out products that she can enjoy and that she knows are safer than alternatives!

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