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Gluten-Free Wedding Rolls

0 Comments 20 June 2012

Gluten-Free Wedding Rolls

By the time we got married earlier this month, we had been through three rounds of planning for our wedding! There was the big wedding, the post-ponned wedding, and the actual wedding. One aspect of the planning that never did change, however, was my quest to find the best gluten-free dinner rolls to help pull off a gluten-free wedding, without anyone noticing!

I started with web searches, and then began ordering gluten-free dinner rolls from all over. Planning and executing everything ourselves proved a LOT of fun for me (especially all of those hours spent on Pinterest for inspiration!), but the hunt for the best gluten-free rolls did become a bit of an obsession. My usual lower-carb diet even went out the window, as I had rolls to taste!

In the end, I had two favorites:

Kinnikinnick’s Soft Dinner Rolls

Katz Gluten-Free’s Dinner Rolls (Small Challah)

Others were good, but these reminded me of some of the best gluten-containing dinner rolls I had while growing up. I taste-tested rolls by several brands, and even several others by these two brands, but for rolls that could be eaten alone or sliced and topped with a protein, these both stood out above all the rest.

Getting them here, however, proved just as challenging as finding them! When I was taste-testing, it was still not too warm out yet, so having breads shipped from across the country, and even from Canada was fairly easy. But by the time we’d finalized our plans (i.e. the third wedding), it was already hot out.

In fact, the first huge boxful of Kinnikinnick’s Soft Dinner Rolls arrived hot as could be, and moldy! It was devastating to toss out all of that yummy bread!

Kinnikinnick was very kind to resend the rolls, but I feared that if I didn’t get them off the UPS truck that morning, they would have been ruined as well. The problem is that we are one of the last stops on their route, so by 5:30 our buns would be toasted! I used UPS’s My Choice features to request that the rolls be held at dispatch for pick up and set out to retrieve them that morning. But they weren’t there–they’d gotten put on the truck! Oh no!

I couldn’t bear the thought of another spoiled batch, but as I was trying to track them down, my rolls were baking in that truck!! I sat in one parking lot for an hour and a half, looking for our delivery man, and waiting for the call that UPS had promised with his location. I’ll be honest, I was so frustrated and upset, I wound up returning to the dispatch location in tears, fearing the worst for our rolls. Finally they were able to get me a location for the driver, and off I went to retrieve the rolls! They were warm, but not ruined, phew!

Ordering gluten-free baked goods in the Summer can be a risky business! And most gluten-free bakeries ship only on Tuesdays, so there would not have been many opportunities to have them resent, had they not worked!

Fortunately, the Katz Gluten-Free rolls shipped via USPS and weren’t even warm when they arrived!

By about three weeks prior to our wedding I had a freezer FULL of the yummiest gluten-free dinner rolls I had tasted! And I may or may not have snuck out a few from time to time!

Even Waylon loved them!

But it was all worth it, because on the day of our wedding, I took them out of the freezer, and thawed them on paper towels, and everyone loved them! They went great with the famed, local Carolina BBQ we had decided on. And throughout our week at the beach the Kinnikinnick were great for sausage sandwiches in the morning, the Katz for HoneyBaked Ham sandwiches for lunch, and both for just plain old snacking!

Hmm, for around Holiday time, I may just start keeping freezers full of these little yummies, just in case!!



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