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Gut Yeast and Acne Breakouts

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Gut Yeast and Acne Breakouts

A few months ago my 37 year old skin started breaking out like a hormonal teen. The sides of my face, my forehead, my back, my chest, all were covered in tiny red pimples that a few weeks prior had not existed.

Assuming that like in the past, gluten was to blame, I took my beauty routine back down to very basics. But still, nothing helped. I tried elimination diets, cleanses, infrared acne treatments, nothing helped. Desperate for an answer, I went to see a dermatologist. She barely glanced at my widespread breakouts and prescribed a two-month course of antibiotics or a round of Acutane treatment. I wanted neither. I wanted answerers, why had my previously clear skin decided to erupt? What was troubling my body beneath its now bumpy surface?

Desperate for answers I drove an hour north of Houston to see a recommended chiropractor. With muscle testing he quickly confirmed my gluten and dairy intolerances, and diagnosed the root cause of my breakouts as a yeast imbalance. I had heard about the urban legend called Candida before, and even undergone intensely restrictive diets to heal it in the past. Ultimately, years ago I decided that gut yeast was more of a gluten-free and paleo paranoia that was over diagnosed in the alternative health community and rarely seemed to be the actual culprit.

I had seen bloggers like myself undergo depressive months of restrictive diets with little to no actual health improvement. It seemed to me like gut yeast was more feared than existed. But here was this very respected chiropractor muscle testing my every organ, and telling me that my bacterial balance was out of whack, i.e. I had a gut yeast problem. And incidentally, I had been on a course of antibiotics for a bronchial infection just before the breakouts had begun.

This chirodoctor though was not prescribing anything drastic or painful, just that I take some fatty acid soft gels and avoid sugar and yeast. He still I still could eat carbs, drink alcohol, live otherwise normally, just take the pills.

The crazy thing was that within days my skin and mind began to clear. A few months have now passed and I am finishing off the last of my pills. For a time I decided to add anti-yeast foods like raw garlic, onion, cayenne, coconut oil, and Indian Chi tea to my daily foods just to help accelerate the process. But these days I am eating normally again, and see the chiropractor from time to time for regular health maintenance. It’s amazing how many things have improved since we rebalanced my gut bacteria. My head is clearer, my energy is back, my food cravings have changed back from carbs to protein, and my skin is glowy and clear, just the way I like it!

My advice if you are having health issues that you believe are more of symptoms than the root cause, find a healthcare practitioner that other people highly recommend. I have been to good and bad doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and naturopaths. And all the best come personally recommended.

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