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Gluten Free Gift Guide

1 Comment 14 November 2010

Gluten Free Gift Guide

It’s that wonderful Holiday time of year again, and because purchasing gluten-free items for the people in your life who are gluten sensitive is a great way to show that you’re paying attention and that you really care, I’ve compiled my list of this year’s hot gluten-free gifts.

  • Sweets for the Sweet: BabyCakes NYC has been popping up all over the media this year. First they were the suspected supplier of Chelsea Clinton’s gluten-free wedding cake, and Founder Erin McKenna has been interviewed on countless occaions for her gluten-free expertise. So why not send some BabyCakes to the ones you love?! Just visit their Delivery page for shippable options (but no spelt, it is considered gluten-free but most of us still can’t handle it).
  • Gourmet Cookies for the Foodies: It’s no secret that I love The Inspired Cookie’s surprising concoctions, and their vegan, gluten-free cookie baskets are the perfect gift for a Holiday hostess, foodie friend or the gourmet chef in your family!
  • Cookbooks for the Family Chef: Going gluten-free tends to inspire a whole lot more home cooked meals, and while it’s fun to mix and match, creating new recipe ideas, there are a few cookbooks that deserve to be a part of every gluten-free library.  Bette Hagman is perhaps the most renowned gluten-free cookbook author in the world and her cookbooks never disappoint. My favorite is The Gluten-Free Gourmet: Living Well without Wheat.
  • Lip Love for the Fashionista: While science is still learning to accept the fact that many people who are gluten sensitive are affected by even topical gluten in beauty and hair care products, there is one area on which all agree should be restricted to gluten-free cosmetics–the lips. This just-launched Gluten Free Beauty Lip Palette is 100% natural, vegetarian and takes the guess-work out of buying gluten-free lip glosses!
  • Yummy Protein Bars for Active Lives: After going gluten-free we quickly realized that grabbing a protein bar was no longer an easy feat. Fortunately, more and more gluten-free food bars are popping up on the market, but few taste quite as scrumptious as 22 Days Nutrition’s Vegan Food Bars. This year we’re hoping to find our Christmas stockings full of our favorite, the Daily Mocha Mantra bars.

Kristen Campbell - who has written 74 posts on Gluten Free Fox.

When Kristen and Taylor created The Gluten-Free Search Engine years ago, they never dreamed that just a few years later they would be sharing their lives with a beautiful, gluten-allergic dog named Waylon. Not too long after adopting their new "dog child," they headed closer to home and found themselves in the mountains of North Carolina. It was here that Kristen realized her lifelong dream of creating healthier, gluten-free beauty products and launched Gluten Free Beauty. Having shared her finds for the safest and best natural, g/f beauty products via her first-ever website, NaturallyDahling.com, she is thrilled now to be putting out products that she can enjoy and that she knows are safer than alternatives!

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